Sales Presentations


And here’s what you can do about it! Sales Presentations are the keystone of any company’s sales efforts yet they aren’t given the attention and time they deserve. It’s 2018. And it’s about time we relieve the world of bad sales decks. Too much time has been wasted in creating and distributing such Sales decks that only bore the customers and are not viewed beyond the first few slides. Most are text laden poorly designed decks that fail to address what’s beneficial for customers. As per the Weiss-Mcgrath Report of ‘92, post 72 hours, people retain only 10% of what they experienced via audio messaging, only 20% of Visual information and 65% of Audio & Visual. In other words, which of these will have a more lasting impact? The paragraphs are written so far or the graph that comes next? What this implies is very simple: For maximum retention, its…