Internal Communication is often an overlooked aspect of most organizations, delivered using the cliched e-mailers or spoken about at annual business updates or events, seldom realizing the immense potential of an effective Internal Communication campaign. Additionally, Workplace demographics are undergoing a tectonic shift. Older generations are retiring, Generation X is moving up the corporate hierarchy and millennials are entering the mainstream workforce who crave instant gratification all the time. Most organizations today are struggling to tailor communications strategies effectively across the generations. Companies equip themselves with dedicated teams and structured calendars for events and activities to be performed as part of their Internal communication campaigns. However still utilize wordy, text-heavy mailers, straight-faced updates on the intranet or formal award ceremonies with an objective of achieving Employee satisfaction. This one-dimensional approach often does not yield expected results and leads to dissatisfied or half-engaged employees. As per the “digital in 2017” and…