brand launch strategy


Many organizations in the world have undergone brand relaunch and done wonders. Maybe it’s time you take a deeper look at relaunching your brand. Change in global dynamics, bad advertising or marketing, losing relevance in current market scenarios as well are all a few reasons due to which ultimately comes a time when a brand stops being the consumer’s favorite. In the current world of constant new highs, it’s tough for brands to stay relevant. (Image Source – Old Spice) Old Spice is one such brand. Always known for its fragrances, Old Spice in the early 90s was losing relevance with the youth market due to its “meant for the older generations” feel. Once P&G took over, the new ad campaign with a comic twist generated tens of millions of views on social media, instantly making the brand a popular fragrance brand with the younger generation. Danish brand, Lego was…