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Building the case for cold chain technology to prevent Food Wastage – A Design led Case Study

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Carrier Transicold, a United Technologies Climate, Controls & Security company, provides transport refrigeration solutions that allow for precise control of temperature and humidity, preserving all types of perishable cargo irrespective of the distance or weather conditions outside. The study conducted by ISB under the direction of National Center for Cold-chain Development (NCCD) of India and Carrier Transicold India, found that Investment in the cold chain — specifically pre-cooling and transport refrigeration equipment — can reduce food loss by 76 percent and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2E) by 16 percent.

The Challenge: Carrier Transicold knew they had a win-win-win-win combination. Farmers, Retailers, Consumers and finally the Govt, all would benefit if the cold chain practices are widely accepted in India.

We were delighted when Carrier Transicold used our brand & product launch and relaunch services for designing  collaterals that would help propagate the message across India and the world on the benefits of cold chain supply mechanism.

The Strategy: Based on the findings, we then drew out the outline for the collaterals highlighting the problems in agriculture and distribution in India and how the cold chain supply tech could help.

The Solution: With the help of data points from the cold chain study, we showcased the real-life applications and results of how the cold chain technology and supply mechanism could benefit everybody involved in the supply chain.

We decided to position the cold chain benefits around the brand’s attempt towards reducing carbon emissions, wastage, and increasing profitability for farmers. This simple and powerful message was thoughtfully woven into the collaterals that we created, like,

  • Video
  • Pitch Deck
  • Posters
  • Reports

The Design System

The visual design with its encouraging style, the bright color palette and strong visuals contributed to confidence in the collaterals with every element being consistent in what we wanted to say and how we were saying it.

Case Study Video

Video appeals to masses like none other. That is a known fact. We knew that creating a video for the propagation of the message is definitely the way to go. Hence, based on the data points available, we created a video that personified the case study. Furthermore, In those 2:11 minutes, we showcased Carrier Transicold’s complete message about the benefits of the Cold Chain technology for everyone involved in the supply chain, all the while knowing that Inspiration and action were key. And the results are the proof.

The Pitch Deck

Transicold - Building the case for cold chain technology to prevent Food Wastage – A Design led Case Study | Scientity

Once again, using a bright color palette, innovative iconography, nifty visual elements, and a minimal amount of text, we created a pitch deck that transformed hundreds of pages worth of data and content into a few beautifully designed slides. This helped us “show” more instead of telling key parts of the pitch.

The Deck has been crucial in dismissing any preconceived notions about cold chain technology related high costs or negative impact on the environment. In fact, the pitch deck help eliminate all preconceived notions and highlighted profitability for all parties involved while also showcasing carbon emission savings.

Building the case for cold chain technology to prevent Food Wastage – A Design led Case Study | Scientity

Posters Images

Using data points from the study, the posters like these have helped visualize the problems, benefits, and the solution in one image, thereby addressing multiple aspects easily. By creating copies in prevailing local languages, these posters have been very effective in addressing multiple audiences, especially in Punjab with respect to the other Kinnow farmers.

Building the case for cold chain technology to prevent Food Wastage – A Design led Case Study | Scientity


The detailed report outlined the findings pertaining to food wastage during transportation, the savings in carbon emissions, increase in profitability, and reduced wastage. Here too, we used similar design elements to create that were consistent with the overall design theme in all the print collaterals.

Building the case for cold chain technology to prevent Food Wastage – A Design led Case Study | Scientity

The Result

While the study showed how cold chain is better for agriculture, economy and the environment. At the same time, the video and the other collaterals created in multiple languages, allowed Carrier Transicold to reach directly to the farmers, business owners, government and masses in general. Additionally, the Indian government has also announced subsidies for setting up cold chain infrastructure across the country. Several entities have shown interest in Carrier’s cold chain solutions leading to better business from the area.

One cold chain company in Punjab already has shown a humongous growth in business and another had made large investments for procuring cold chain equipment as part of their new distribution strategy.

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