Internal Communication is often an overlooked aspect of most organizations, delivered using the cliched e-mailers or spoken about at annual business updates or events, seldom realizing the immense potential of an effective Internal Communication campaign. Additionally, Workplace demographics are undergoing a tectonic shift. Older generations are retiring, Generation X is moving up the corporate hierarchy and millennials are entering the mainstream workforce who crave instant gratification all the time.

Most organizations today are struggling to tailor communications strategies effectively across the generations. Companies equip themselves with dedicated teams and structured calendars for events and activities to be performed as part of their Internal communication campaigns. However still utilize wordy, text-heavy mailers, straight-faced updates on the intranet or formal award ceremonies with an objective of achieving Employee satisfaction. This one-dimensional approach often does not yield expected results and leads to dissatisfied or half-engaged employees.

infographic - Is your Internal Communications Strategy translating to better business? | Scientity

As per the “digital in 2017” and Mary Meeker’s Internet trends report, out of the 7.5 Billion population, almost 5 Billion are cellphone users with roughly 50% internet users and almost 6 hours of daily content consumption. With 8 Billion views per day on Facebook alone, Video peaked Data Consumption patterns meaning when compared with Text, Images, and Audio, users spend more time in watching videos. This means companies too need to customize their internal communication strategies to cater to the multiple platforms for the mobile workforce. Knowing this, organizations need to shift their focus from standard age-old internal communications practices and utilize all popular platforms available for continued engagement.

To enhance content consumption and engagement among employees, many way-forward global brands are experimenting and approaching the task at hand with new concepts and practices, for instance,

Is your Internal Communications Strategy translating to better business? | Scientity

Once a month, O2’s employees can listen to the company’s internal radio show by Dominic Byrne, Radio X’s breakfast show co-host. This is just one of the ways how O2 engages its employees. Their principle is to look at the Internal Communication strategy as a two-way communication rather than just an afterthought of PR. And it shows. O2 consistently ranks high on customer service satisfaction, because of their belief — happy people, happy customers.

McDonalds - Is your Internal Communications Strategy translating to better business? | Scientity

Mcdonald’s is one such company that merges digital and traditional marketing strategies. Traditionally, Mcdonald’s is known for remarkable TV and Print Ads, however, they now have a strong online presence as well to ensure its messages reaches all types of audiences irrespective of their choices or preferences.

Having cited the above references, novelty and innovation aren’t restricted to adopting a similar policy, however thinking through the internal communications objectives for your organization and curate an approach based on the goals thereby.

A well-designed internal communications campaign is one that is comprehensive & targets all employee sections and groups as the audience. Designing a successful campaign requires the communication team to own the process completely. Understanding the audience diversity, aligning the organizational objectives with the employees’ personal goals, gauging the prevalent culture, deciding an objective for the campaign & most importantly the choice of mediums to disseminate information are some critical aspects of the process. Also, using different mediums prevent communication from going redundant and maintains its novelty and appeal. Some noticeable benefits of a compelling internal communication plan are:

  • Establishes an open communication culture
  • Better aligning of individual goals with the organizational goals
  • Creates an emotional connect between employees and the organization
  • Empowers the employees and makes them feel valued and encouraged
  • Reduces time lags and thereby helps increase overall organizational productivity
  • Eliminates the need for any micromanagement and ensures improved management-employee relations

Uber - Is your Internal Communications Strategy translating to better business? | Scientity

Uber is one such company that takes Internal Communication very seriously. The Meeting Rooms are adorned with TV Screens that play stories of Drivers. Uber calls them Driver-Partners. The Screens display a new Driver-partner each day, sharing their personal stories and a lot of times actually share their success stories. This small gesture reminds all employees that no matter at what level the employee or partner is, everyone is equally appreciated and valued for their sincere efforts and the value they bring to the organization.

Companies that are focusing on new age communication technologies have shown tremendous growth and profitability over the years.

  • Internal Wiki
  • Social Media for Business Inclusion
  • Videos based executive Communication
  • Internal Employee Discussion Forums
  • Consistent and standardised Communication Strategies
  • Office Space Designs that incorporate the Values of the organization
  • Focus on Mobile compatible communication

These are just a few tools that have enabled many organizations to rethink their internal communication strategies and motivate the employees, providing direct access to the executives and the board. This makes the workforce motivated with a sense of purpose in their work. If you wish to know how Scientity can help you strategize and implement a cohesive and an inclusive Internal Communication Strategy, Let us know. We would love to work with you.

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