It’s been a couple of months since 2018 started and we have already seen organizations and companies searching for the latest presentation design trends to keep their target audience engaged. With tech specs being made available to end-users at a blisteringly fast rate, by all estimations, 2018 will prove to be the best year yet for presentation designs.

Problem is, older designs have time and again, failed to engage the audience. Prezi tried to resolve this issue by launching their cloud-based presentation solution however, the market has still not come to terms with its complete package. Audiences across the world need to get their fill of excitement and want to feel entertained. Being engaged is no longer the expectation, it’s an understanding.

This is why we are sharing our predictions for the newest trends in Presentation designs:

#1  Storytelling at the core

Storytelling - Presentation Design Trends in 2018 | Scientity

We have forever been talking about the importance of storytelling in various forms and ways. Yes, we know that today’s culture is one that is distracted and attention span has reduced considerably from what it used to be. This is exactly why it has become more important than ever to weave a compelling story in the presentations from start to end. Not just excite in the beginning that dies eventually. We predict that storytelling will take priority over everything else in a presentation now more than ever.

#2  Less Text, More Visuals

Far too many presentations are either too text-heavy, or loaded with bullet points. This results in very few slides being actually read. The 1992 Weiss-McGrath Report shows that post 72 hours, only 10% of audio information is retained, 20% of visual and 65% when the information is shared using Audio and Visual. So instead of just reading out the text from the slide, design presentations that have better visuals with less text and enable better discussions.

Better Text Visual - Presentation Design Trends in 2018 | Scientity

Just look at the images above. It’s a pain to even attempt to read any of the text. By combining animations and smart graphics, you can make the data more fun! Less is definitely more.

#3  Animations Galore

Far too many years have gone by designing static image slides that have poor cliparts and stock images. It’s time to change the beat and turn the heat on. Motion Graphics based slides are going to be the trend of 2018. Motion graphics in a broader sense can be 2d or 3d animations, cinemagraphs, and GIFs, as well. Visually speaking, motion graphics have the ability to explain concepts far better and faster than text or speech can.

Smart Animation - Presentation Design Trends in 2018 | Scientity

The Animation showcases 10 different product benefits in 1 slide. Generally you may end up using 5 or more slides for this.

#4  Infographics

Infographics are an amalgamation of typography, visual elements, colors and icons that transform regular text, images and data into a quick, easy to understand visual for the readers. Anytime, the content is text and data-heavy, it’s a lot easier to convert that content into an infographic that is loved by your audience.

Even if an infographic is not necessary, converting data points into an infographic is important as it is the best possible way to appeal to modern audiences with a shrinking attention span.

Large companies can especially benefit from this trend for faster distribution of their content with the help of designers who understand design and its elements to create the perfect slides that are actually read and understood by the audience.

Better Infographics - Presentation Design Trends in 2018 | Scientity

#5  Better Typography makes Better Presentations

Blaming system restrictions on available fonts is no longer cool. There are many ways to experiment with the available fonts, sizes, and placement of text to create stunning slides without having to break the company’s network security policies in order to download new fonts. At the same time, Text-heavy slides are no longer the preferred medium of presenting. There is no absolutely no chance of any audience to connect if you have any text-heavy slides.

Typography - Presentation Design Trends in 2018 | Scientity

#6  Authentic Photos

It’s a known fact that the days of using stock images, clipart, icons are long gone. If you are still stuck in the 90s style of making a presentation, realize that 2018 is a year with phones clocking 8GB RAM, websites which are designed to be mobile-friendly first, Videos are the new Blogs and mobile is the primary device for all things internet. With tech scenario changing so drastically, there is absolutely no reason to be stuck in the 90s. Industries are focusing on personalization to customize to individual. Your presentations should follow suit as well.

Authentic Photos - Presentation Design Trends in 2018 | Scientity

#7  Rise of the 3D

October 2017 saw the release of Microsoft’s 3D models for Word, excel and powerpoint presentations. We are a huge fans of the update and have high hopes from it. With the help of professional designers, you will be able to incorporate 3D models into your presentations. This would be mostly definitely used for product demonstrations amongst other things.

A shout out to #Microsoft for the Launch Video. #Amazing !

#8  Brand Style

All said and done, presentations, websites, apps, and social media play one role and have one target. To communicate a consistent story about your brand, consistency in imagery, story, fonts, font sizes all help in communicating consistent brand identity.  Every time you create a presentation, think about how will people see it. Would they recognize your brand style?

2018 is going to be the year of presentations with immersive storytelling. Overall, an understanding of 2018’s trends will help you to craft an engaging presentation for your audience. Say yes to well-designed presentations that create the wow factor and help you sell your brand and products better.

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