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In a world where impact literally translates to ‘what meets the eye’, it is imperative to cater to the evolved sensibilities of the urban consumer, who largely relies on the face value of the products. It’s a known fact that one’s self Image is the driving force behind purchase impulses. Marketing Strategies can help drive this purchasing impulse, however, in the long run, Consumers wither away from the brand if it fails to appeal to the Self’s Image.

While thinking of design-led merchandise in India, Chumbak has created a niche in the market. Back in 2010, the availability of standard Indian novelty items like white marble Taj Mahal replicas led Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar to start Chumbak. Its aim was to create novelty products that maintain the nostalgic theme yet be quirky and fun to own. Starting off with Fridge Magnets initially, Chumbak relied heavily on awesome designs combined with a great social media strategy to get the word out. The combination of the two, helped Chumbak create a fan base of loyal customers who swore by the brand and proudly wore their products.

How Chumbak won hearts of Millions with its design | Scientity
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The success garnered from the limited range soon prospered into an expansive range of products across the home decor and lifestyle realm. Around 7 years into inception, Chumbak has become a household name among the youth of India and boasts of an enviable range of lamps, crockery, dining accessories, casual wear, upholstery and much more, enunciating the value of good design in a brand’s success. The first store opened in Bangalore and as of 2017, their products are now available in 18 stores across India. With more than 50 different categories of products available, the products are incorporated with various international elements yet still maintain the core design theme. It has consistently & successfully made a strategic use of design to dive deep into the aesthetic sensibilities and preferences of the aware Indian youth who are fascinated by its subtle Indian context and relatable urban wit and humor. This is clearly evident from their products, the retail store space designs, their social media marketing strategies, and their website UI and UX design as well

How Chumbak won hearts of Millions with its design | Scientity

Besides creating a recall value through a visual look and feel, a uniformity of expression built through design adds to a brand’s credibility. Some of the critical purposes served by design are

  • Acts a medium of communicating the brand’s ethos
  • Help build an emotional connect with the audience
  • Implements the strategy of the brand through creative expression
  • Establishes a visual hierarchy apt for telling a brand’s story
  • Creates the first expression through imagery and colors
  • Key Differentiator that makes one brand better than the other

Translating a 40 lakh capital venture into a popular lifestyle brand across India, with an incredible 300% year on year growth, Chumbak has come a long way. With fresh funding from VCs and Angel Investors, Chumbak now aims to enter overseas markets with stores in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong by the second quarter of 2018.

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